Suka Suka Sauce
Suka Suka Sauce


Suka Suka Story

As a Singaporean native, travelling to Jamaica I fell in love with a simpler way of life; spending days on white sand beaches with Reggae music and the delicious smells of savoury Jerk BBQ grilling in the air. 

Returning to Singapore, I realized no Jerk spices or marinade was available regionally - yet we share the same hot and sunny climate of the Caribbean islands.  Together with a Malaysian food biologist, we planted the Jamaican herbs and spices right here in SE Asia and began developing the first 100% natural Jerk marinade grown on Asian soil.  Over 3 years, we taste tested the marination with Singaporean audiences through street parties, private events and food tastings. 

I present to you in this jar, an unforgettable island vibe and taste for the world to share ... Asia's first authentic, all natural Jerk marinade: Suka Suka Sauce! Taste tested in Singapore and grown in Malaysia. Bringing the flavours of the West Indies together with the spiciness of the East, our mission is simple: To share One Love, One Jerk dish at a time. 

- Masia One 

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Suka Suka Sauce is made in batch orders and never mass produced.  As a result this 100% All Natural Jerk marinade with no preservatives, is created fresh for your order.  

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